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          Attorney Susan Ashley is a Texas parole attorney who is experienced in representing Texas offenders on parole matters and committed to professional parole representation. Most offenders will at some point reach a date where they can be considered for release on parole. When an offender becomes parole eligible, his or her case will go into review, and hearing will by held through the Texas Dept of Pardons and Parole.

          Whether an offender serves the balance of the sentence in prison or on parole, ultimately, this is decided by the vote of one of the six regional Parole Boards. In this process, legal representation is not required and no attorney can guarantee a certain desired result, however I am convinced that many offenders can benefit from parole representation by an experienced Texas parole lawyer who is committed to their case. Bear in mind......

In Texas offenders are not allowed to appear in person and speak for themselves before the Parole Board that will vote on their case. However, a Texas parole attorney can speak for them.

The trend in Texas is that it is not getting easier for an offender to be released on parole rather it is getting more difficult. An offender's past is being scrutinized more carefully, even for nonviolent offenses. With advances in technology, institutional records can be readily accessed. However, a skillful Texas parole lawyer can effectively address negative information in an offender's history.

Texas has thousands of offenders incarcerated and Parole Board members have very large case loads, files packed with information, (oftentimes negative information) and limited time to consider each case.

          I believe that the more families of inmates understand this process the more likely they are to see the positive role a Texas parole attorney may play and the value in seeking legal representation for their loved ones. A skillful Texas parole attorney can distinguish your loved one from the rest of the multitude of thousands. This is something that you cannot accomplish through using a "do it yourself" kit or a parole packet from any non-attorney source. Only a licensed attorney can provide professional parole representation and speak for a potential parolee with the Parole Board. As a Texas parole lawyer,

Attorney Susan Ashley can speak for an offender and argue the worthiness of an inmate's release on parole.

Attorney Susan Ashley can seek to develop and submit positive information on behalf of an inmate that may show rehabilitation, mitigation of the facts of the offense(s) committed, or an explanation of the circumstances of the offense(s).

Attorney Susan Ashley can show that an offender has a plan for reintegrating into society, and a support system that will increase the chances of success.

          Attorney Susan Ashley can present the offender's individual case in a concise, positive and professional manner.

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Attorney Susan Ashley is Licensed by the Texas Supreme Court.
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